• Vice-President of Weihai visits SimpliOffice Krefeld in person
  • Chinese trade relations between SimpliOffice the city of Weihai is decided
  • SimpliOffice-Community benefits from the international trade relations

Leipzig, 2. July 2018 – on 26th of July 2018 SimpliOffice Krefeld greeted the Chinese delegation from Weihai headed by the vice president Ye Liyun to solidify the business relations between the coworking space and the coastal city. The meeting was initiated by Karl Grage, the Head of Foreign Affairs of SimpliOffice Krefeld. Among 30 guests were the high-level business managers from Weihai, the members and the cooperation partners of SimpliOffice.

Grage sees the contract as an important milestone for SimpliOffice: „The transmission of trade connections to China is still one of our focuses in Krefeld. The trade along the New Silk Road, the trade route through Turkey and Iran to China benefits everyone involved. Thus SimpliOffice as well.“

The fact that mayor Ye Liyun has personally visited the Lower Rhine for the signing of the contract with SimpliOffice underlines the importance of SimpliOffice Krefeld for China. The signing of the contract will take place in August 2018 in the Chinese coastal city of Weihai.

SimpliOffice campus in Europark Fichtenhain consists of a total of 2,800 m² of office space. SimpliOffice, a fusion of Coworking and Business Center follows the concept of an efficient and productive working environment, which wants to create synergies across industries. To the present day, you can find SimpliOffice in Krefeld, Berlin and Leipzig. The location in Krefeld has been chosen due to its good economic relations to China since SimpliOffice was found in 2017:

The meeting between the Chinese delegation from Weihai and SimpliOffice Krefeld is a prelude to the regular events of the „Startup Community Niederrhein“, hosted by SimpliOffice Krefeld.