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This is SimpliOffice

SimpliOffice creates workspaces, which help people improve their performance. We provide our members with the access to a success-center and increase their efficiency through the perfect combination of incubation, integration, business center and coworking space. Our products consist of food, sport and regeneration optimize vitality and performance. The community of SimpliOffice offers our members relief from the burden of their professional and everyday life.

Our vision

Our vision is to enable all SimpliOffice members to bring out the best of themselves. Fit, efficient and powerful. SimpliOffice condenses the requirements of an international “Generation Startup”. It offers rooms for all moods – working space becomes living space.

Our mission

No distractions. No excuses. SimpliOffice actively promotes the success of its members
and makes them performance-oriented entrepreneurs. We create modern and healthy workspaces for your corporate development. We think holistically.

Contact us

… or call me under 0170 5518696.
Nils Röseler, PR & Communication